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From:The Sunday Oregonian Portland, March , 1942


Captain Ramsey was born in Portland July 21, 1910 and graduated from Allen preparatory school in 1926, at the age of 15 years. He immediately enrolled at Princeton University, of of the youngest students ever to enter that university, and was graduated in 1930.

Seeking a career in the armed forces afloat, Ramsey was encouraged by his uncle, a marine officer, to enlist in the marines as a private. He was given training at the marines’ basic school, Philadelphia, and commissioned a second lieutenant in 1934.

Upon completing the basic course training in 1935, he was assigned to duty on the USS Texas, a battleship. During recent years he was promoted to first lieutenant and finally to the rank of captain about a year ago.

Captain Ramsey’s wife and two small sons reside in San Diego, Cal; but he has always regarded Portland as hi home.



Ramsey was born July 21, 1910, in Portland, Ore. He has also lived in Faribault, Minn.

He is the son of Horace Marion Ramsey and Helen G. Rams-dell. His father, Pacific University '99, is a clergyman, dean of St. Stephen's Cathedral, Portland, Ore. He has one brother.

He prepared at the Allen School.

At Princeton he was Secretary of St. Paul's Society.

During Freshman year he roomed at 49 Wiggins Street with D. G. Aldrich; Sophomore year at 49 Wiggins Street, alone ; Junior year at 432 Cuyler with D. B. MacNeil and E. W. Miller; Senior year at 432 Cuyler with D. B. MacNeil and D. G. Aldrich.

Ramsey is an Episcopalian and a Democrat.

His permanent address is 594 Myrtle St., Portland, Ore.