ďThe galloping Ghost of the Java CoastĒ



Glenn Wesley Spragle




My name is Jim Krause and Iím a nephew by marriage to Glenn Wesley Spragle. Glenn was a gunners mate on the USS Houston and went down with the ship in February 1942.ShellbackCertificate Glenn had been on the Houston for a number of years, going back to at least 1938 and apparently was on board when FDR took his 1938 cruise to San Francisco.


FDR even signed his shellback certificate. I thought you might be interest in a photograph of both Glenn and the certificate.


FDR's signature





This is Jim Krause again, the nephew of Glenn Spragle a crew member on the Houston. I have found a couple of things to share on the site. First is a telegram from Glennís mother to my aunt letting her know that Glenn is missing. Itís so unusual to find documents like this anymore. Itís a good example of how people communicated a loss back then.











This is a copy of the letter that the Secretary of the Navy sent to Glennís mother, who was remarried (thereby not having the same last name as Glenn)




This document is from a friend of Glennís who survived captivity and wrote to my aunt regarding Glennís fate.