“The galloping Ghost of the Java Coast


Jack M. Feliz




Born in 1911 on a Southern California ranch, as a small boy on cattle ranches in Southern California, he attended one-room schools. Jack M. Feliz graduated from Santa Barbara High School. After graduation and on August 22, 1932, he joined the U.S. Navy. “It was the height of the Depression and there were many applicants ahead of me but the Navy recruiter told me that I had the qualifications that the Navy was looking for in that I was a high school graduate and a journeyman machinist. That machinist experience was valuable in my Navy career. In fact, I fell right in step with Navy life. It was a very challenging and rewarding career. If I had it to do over again I would select the Navy. I later state in my story how that machinist ability probably saved my life when I was able to get out of the iron mines into a machine shop. After three months of recruit training in San Diego, I was selected to go to a machin­ist mate school in Norfolk, Virginia. I went by ship, the U.S.S. Henderson to Norfolk, Virginia with stops at Corento, Nicaragua supplying the US Marine garrison with new troops and supplies. The Marines were fighting a rebel by the name of Sandino and his followers “.



This is but a small beginning. There is so much more, Jack M. Feliz life is chronicled in his wonderful book, “The Saga of Sailor Jack”. From the depths of Hell to the most Compelling Romances, Rollicking fun and Exciting Adventures:  The Saga of Sailor Jack”.