“The galloping Ghost of the Java Coast


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About the photos:

"I had passed the monument several times and read about the ship on the internet.  When Ken Burns released “The War” I saw the special on the Houston and was fascinated.  I shoot the veterans day parade each year as a hobby.  My father, who passed away in 1990, is a WWII vet in N. Africa and Germany."


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About Tim’s Father:

The story goes that he lied about his age and enlisted early and went to basic in NY with a group of his friends and the plan was that they would fight together.  Dad had previous radio communications skills and they determined that he needed to go to advanced communications training and possibly officer’s school.   He was moved away from his fiends before going AWOL and he hitch hiked across the country to meet up with them in California where he checked back in.  The Sergeant was furious and allegedly told him that if he wanted to fight on the ground he could have it and off they went to North Africa.  Dad had little to say about the war, that story came from other relatives, and less to say about N. Africa.  Somewhere between there and Berlin he picked up the radio bug and stayed in the business until his death.  He was the president of Sales/Engineering for Motorola in the early days of 2-way radio in police/fire/EMT for the Southern part of the US and later went to work for Bill Farinon in San Carlos CA selling and designing digital microwave systems.


I am looking for enough of his personal information to have his war experience tracked as I think it would be incredible to hear the details.  He would not talk to me much about the war but everything he said was humbling to me and I always understood why.  I hope that I can soon have a little more detail.


Here is a shot of him early, he was a baby here and skinny as a rail, in his radio car with driver and it looks like he is still in the states. 

More than you wanted to know I’m sure!

Just after the war he became a pilot and that was me in the twin at Andrau Airport in Houston.  Sorry for all these old pictures.